Grounding: How do we do it? Pt 4: Passive grounding techniques

Grounding: How do we do it? Pt 4: Passive grounding techniques

Grounding: How do we do it? Pt 4: Passive grounding techniques

 Just in case you you are not sure about why you need a daily grounding practice or what the benefits of doing regular ground are and what the cost of not having this in your life could be, you can catch up on the previous posts in this series here.

Passive grounding or 'Mindless Grounding' as it is described by Simon and Sue Lilly in their book Tree Seer (available from their shop) is a way of grounding that doesn't require you to engage in the process with quite the same level of focus that the active grounding does. It allows us to focus on other activities with the knowledge that there is something supporting us at the same time. A little like having a wingman or a fairy godmother who is watching over you as you go about your daily activity and just keeping that direction of your energy flowing earthward rather than letting you get too disconnected.

Let me give you a plain and simple warning though; relying totally on passive grounding is no substitue for having elements of active grounding within your daily routine. They help and support but in the long run the most stable outcome that you can create is one that you actively engage in. If you want some suggestions for active techniques that you can include you can find them in the previous post Active Ways of Grounding.

So with that said, what passive techniques can be done to supplement and increase the stability in your day?

One of the easiest things to do is to carry a crystal around with you. Their stable and consistant atomic structure along with the aspects of their colour can be a really useful tool in grounding. Using something like Black Tourmaline, also known as Schorl is a great grounder. Other dark stones such as smokey quartz, jet, obsidian, heamatite and lodestone can be useful. Other stones such as tigers eye, jasper and red garnet will also have a grounding effect. These can be held in the hands, carried in a pocket or worn or placed on or near the body when resting. If you want to learn a little more about crystals and how they can be used then check out the crystal therapy section of the site.

The use of vibrational essences such as Rescue Remedy can be of great benefit. Specific tree based essences can be of great help in grounding such as Yew, Ironwood, Oak and Bay, all of which are avialable from the Lillys website mentioned above. A few drops taken in the mouth or placed on your temples or pulse points can rapidly help to bring a sense of grounding. You can also get combinations of essences that can be atomised in sprays to help the sense of grounding develop in a space. This is especially useful after an ungrounding experience and can be used with one of the active techniques to help quickly bring you into a more stable state.

The same process can be applied with parts of trees. Holding a twig or leaf from Oak or Yew can quickly help to bring the system back into a more stable and grounded state. A small piece of wood can easily be carried around with you to help maintain that effect.

Colour can have a massive effect on your energy due to the direct interaction of the vibrational nature of colour on your own body's bioenergy. Choosing more grounding colours such as reds, oranges, browns and greens; choosing if you can the darker end of each one of those colours rather than the lighter colours can be of great benefit. The colours can be used several ways. The simplest is to wear them, this might only be in the form of underwear or socks, just a little something so that you know its there. But aslo if your home or working environment allows for it you can have them visible somewhere so that you are absorbing the colour vibration they radiate even if you are not consciously looking at them.

These simple techniques can all be used individually or in combination and preferably with some of the active methods talked about in the previous posts to create a happier, more stable, more harmonious life for you. I would love to hear about your experiences in grounding and any other techniques that you find have worked for you.

Finally please share this with anyone in your life who you feel could do with a little more grounding. There is an accumulative benefit in more of us being grounded. Tat way there are less ungrounded people to unsettle or disturb our grounding and so we all do better for that.

many thaks for taking the time to read this


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