Grounding: How do we do it? Pt 1: Some Basics

Grounding: How do we do it? Pt 1: Some Basics

Grounding: How do we do it? Pt 1: Some Basics

In the first two parts of this series we looked at the need for grounding and what can happen to us if we don't invest in grounding ourselves as part of our regular practice. you can catch up on those here if you haven't already read them.

In those first entries I gave you a few basic ways to start putting a regular practice of grounding into your daily routine, because ideally that is what we should be doing, by using the techniques in the resources section of this site under the grounding or centring categories.

But what else can we do that will simply and effectively ground us. Especially techniques that don't require us to be able to access on line resources when actually what we need is some down time from technology.

So rather than feeling like we need to escape from the 'day' we have had and slobbing in front of the TV and using processed food or alcohol to sedate our bodies, leading us to become increasingly numb to the world around us. This actually diminishes our experience of life, making our longing for or to be somewhere else even greater as we drift even further from our selves. Instead we can be active and present in simple ways that will allow our bodies discharge any build up of stress that we have. 

Being grounded is different because we are still conscious and aware when we are truly grounded. We actually give ourselves permission to be aware of what is going on around and within us at the same time as plugging into a resource that will help us to overcome the majority of challenges that manifest in our lives.

We began the process of grounding by getting you to look at what situations you found yourself feeling ungrounded in. When you feel like you are no longer present with the time and space around you. Anytime you find your mind wondering off to the past or the future you are losing your grounding. Our energy system begins to lose its stability and our ability to focus and carry out effectively the things in front of us is affected.

thymus tap basicA very simple method for this is doing a Thymus Tap, which is nothing more than an anti-clockwise tap around on our breast bone. This easy technique can do a number a great things including helping to stabilise the body's meridian system, reduce jet lag and help to keep us grounded. The full procedure can be viewed here. It can be used at any time in any place and cannot be over used.

Perhaps on of the most important aspects of developing grounding comes from our connection to nature. 

Nature is a manifest expression of consciousness on this planet, it highlights the possibilities of what we can create when we organise matter. We nurture ourselves through nature; every part of our body is made from the organic and inorganic substances we have absorbed from nature. At a simple level this is why people feel better when they eat a natural diet and why the further they move from this, the less healthy, happy and stable they become.
Whether we realise it or not, we owe our lives to our natural environment, and so many of us are fascinated by it. We only have to look at the amount of programmes you can watch that highlight the beauty and diversity of nature.
It gives us a much stronger connection to this environment and this reality if we can spend even a short time each day where our attention is focused on nature.

Very simple activities which will encourage grounding are:
• Listening to bird song
• Looking in a gentle focused way at plants, trees or a natural landscape
• Spending some time sat quietly in a garden or natural area
• Taking a walk in an area of natural beauty and noticing the state of the plants and landscape around you.
• Doing some gardening or conservation work
• Making food with ingredients that have come from wild sources or from a place that you have a connection to.
• Spend some time barefoot on the grass or in the woods

However you choose to do it, spend a little time each day connecting yourself to the natural physical presence around you. This will enhance your grounding and have you feel much more stable. It's no coincidence that when we go for a walk in the park or in the woods we come back feeling better, with a clearer and more peaceful energy. It is such a simple way to support you that it would be a shame to not make more use of this valuable resource.

In further parts to this discussion we will extend the techniques that can be used to ground you both actively and passively. But for now try to incorporate at least one of these methods in your life every day. 

Share your results and this blog with others and comment on how the process has supported you.


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