Grounding: How do we do it? Pt 3: Active ways of Grounding

Grounding: How do we do it? Pt 3: Active ways of Grounding

Grounding: How do we do it? Pt 3: Active ways of Grounding

But first, how have you been getting on with your grounding practice? What is your feed back on this series so far? How have your experiences of grounding been going and have this series of articles helped you to take your grounding deep and assisted you in feeling more stable. I would love to hear your comments on this. If you want to catch up on the other articles in this series you can check them out here.


So what do we mean by active? More than anything else this is simply something where you are actively engaged and have to think about what you are doing to establish and increase your grounding. Examples that you have already been given, the Tree Roots Visualisation and the Total Rootedness can be found here. The Centre Line Breathing, Tree Roots and Branches and Thymus Tap can all be found here.

But these are not the only ways of developing grounding. There are any number of simple and effective ways for you to increase your grounding on a daily basis. Many of these can be used in any place or time and to a degree can never be over used as it is practically impossible to be 'too grounded'.

Active methods include:

  • Taking some sort of physical activity, especially running , walking, gardening, dancing or quite simply stamping your feet on the ground. Its easy to understand how any activity that allows you to focus on the physical body will bring the mind back from any drifting off it has been doing.
  • Eat or drink a little. Bringing the focus into the digestive system takes it out of the mind and gets the energy of the body to move downwards. One of those reasons why we can feel quite frantic and unfocussed but having something to eat will quite quickly settle you. This can be especially the case if you have some sweet tea or a piece of chocolate (be careful you dont use this as an excuse for eating lots of sweet food. If you find yourself getting into this habit then you need to consider if doing other grounding practices will be more beneficial and healthier for your waistline!) 
  • Drinking water, easy as it seems is effective for the same reason as eating something (without the calories), but also has the bonus of helping any healing processes to move through more easily and has a supportive role in your body's electrochemical systems.
  • You can imagine yourself to be immersed under a shower of water, as if you were under a waterfall. Completely surround yourself with the image of the falling water and imagine them washing not just over you but through you as well. Allow this visualisation to leave you feeling completely clear and fully connected to the earth. If you want to try this for real you can always be brave and stand out in a heavy downpour in a swimming costume (or as nature intended if you have the privacy).
  • Making some noise, either through the banging of a drum or through towning OOOOOOOOO or Ahhhhhhhhh sounds for several minutes will help to bring you back to the present moment.
  • Using either of the Energy Toning Movements or Meridian Massage techniques here will also increase your sense of grounding.
  • You can mindfully carry out any Yoga, Chi Kung and Tai Chi as well as any form of focussed breathing technique such as alternate nostril breathing and other forms of pranayama.
  • Using techniques such as Cook's Hookups  which can be viewed on Youtube.

Well that should be enough to get you started any way. If there is not enough for you in this lot to keep you grounded then you can take a look at the next post which will cover passive grounding techniques.

I want to acknowledge Sue and Simon Lilly for being the source of some of these ideas in thier Crystal and Tree healing books which are avilable from their shop.

Let me know how you get on with your experience of these techniques and feel welcome to comment on this post. Please share with any frineds or family (or maybe your work colleagues) you you think could benefit from being more grounded and don't for get to subscribe to receive notification for the next installment in this series.

Many thanks



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