Relationship of Self & Environment

Relationship of Self & Environment

Relationship of Self & Environment

It is a beautiful warm day where as I walk to the park, escort for the excitable Poppy, knowing exactly where she wants to walk. This is her time, so I can relax into myself and enjoy the journey. 

 If you've not been to the Gladstone Park in Hawarden, it is a beatuiful place, lots of well aged trees of many species, a lush valley on the fringes of North Wales, UK.

The location inspires a shift into more subtle states and a change of awareness in my body. I can feel the energy sinking to the earth, my chi drops, my fascia is melting down my body as unconsciously held parts relax and allow themselves to melt, not only by the beautiful warm sun that kisses my skin.



So many beautiful places to just stop, stand, be present and feel and explore the relationship taking place in my body, how I respond to the environment, how we are responding with each other. 

As I stand I feel my bones rising, my fascia sinking, feel my feel on the ground and the state I regard as Song becoming more present as moments pass by. I feel like between earth and sky I am one. Poppy is also enjoying her relationship with the environment as she connects to the earth in what looks to be a heavenly way for her.



I walk on a bit further to find some shade and stand for a little longer in the shade of a mature Oak tree, one of many in this park. Then sit in the cool of the tree as my breathing dissolves any remaining boundaries between my Self and the Environment. Time dissolves.

I walk back to the gate of the park and walk back favoring the shade. 

These moments are what makes life for me. the moments where you find song, soften and dissolve. Feeling full and free, everywhere and nowhere. 


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