Special Offer on Support Resources Ends 15th September 2018

Special Offer on Support Resources Ends 15th September 2018

Special Offer on Support Resources Ends 15th September 2018

I find it interesting how things can change your perspective. This is a time sensitive offer that will expire on September 15th 2018

When I set up the resources area of this new website, it was always intended to be something that is an easy add on for people to get some extra support between their sessions with me, or for when they have moved away or need something in an emergency, even to have a practice to do while away on holiday.

One of the biggest bits of feedback I have received from it, its that it is too cheap, I'm not charging enough, I should put the price up for what you get.

What do you get?

Well currently, for just £5 a year, you get access to films, lectures, guided visualisations, audio files and documents, most of which are original material from me, some just too good not to include. Unlimited use, even for content that is not yet on there (I add stuff as I go along).

All for just £5 a year.


That changes on September 15th 2018, which is a special day for me, and I thought that if I'm going to change this offer, which began on the launch of the new website, celebrating my 15th year in practice, then that seems as good a date as any.

From that date, we will be charging £20 a year for access to all the resources and all those yet to be added.

So not a dramatic increase (if you look at cost/value over %), but one that will better honour and value the time and energy I put into preparing the materials for you. Which ultimately if you use diligently will mean you have to spend less time, energy and resources seeing me (or people like me) to solve problems that won't arise as often or as easily if you do the practices given in the resources area.

Make the most of this time, we have about 6 weeks from the time of writing this until September 15th, plenty of time for you to get over to the resources area and log your self in for the £5 offer before we change the price to £20.

How do you do it?

Just follow the link https://bencalder.co.uk/resources/ and follow the instruction on the payment section.

Which depending on how you like to do business, you can pay for with up to 11 different crypto currencies, or just use good old fashioned PayPal, whch will take your card details if you don't have an account.

Have any questions or suggestions, send me a message https://bencalder.co.uk/contact/

Massive thanks to all of you who have already signed up and are making the most of the additional support available to you.

Best wishes


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