The importance of a healthy working space

The importance of a healthy working space

The importance of a healthy working space

How would you like to go to work everyday in a space that was messy, falling apart, uncared for, smelly, dark, damp and uncomfortable? The space is cramped, with piles of old paperwork lying around, rubbish bins overflowing, the temperature is either too hot or too cold. The filing system is disorganised and inconsistent and you can never lay your hands on the thing you want quickly.


Exactly, I could feel the contraction from here.


How do you think a space like that would effect your motivation to work each day, your productivity, the relationships you have with your co-workers, you clients, your boss?


Doesn’t really sound like the best way to make your millions and be happy doing it does it?

Many people who are new to my work, looking at health through the Integral All Quadrant, All Level (AQAL) framework, don’t realise that our environment makes up a whopping 25% of our experience of everything we do and that changes to that can have a profound impact on our physical and mental health as well as that of the health of our relationships. And that I can help with that.


Now for a different picture: We’ve all seen films where someone gets the promotion they have been after and they get upgraded into the spacious light corner office right? The whole demeanour of the person changes, the space is considered equal to the work they are to do, one reflecting the other.


So why is this? Because our physical environment has a direct and significant (25%) effect on our physical and mental health! In the Integral sense, is the environment we work in helping to create more goodness, truth, beauty and function in all we are and do?

Right now close your eyes and imagine your ideal working space, what kind of size and shape is it, what is the lighting like, what colours, patterns and shapes are in there, how does the storage allow everything to hide away silently, and be available easily? Is there a theme, maybe something that makes you feel really alive? What other features would your space have that would make it the most effective for motivating you, encouraging you, uplifting you and helping you maintaining your energy through the day?


Very different space to the one we focussed on first isn’t it?


So why am I writing all this?


Because so many of us (me included) are now working from home and doing the same type of work but with a radically different environment. This may now include having to share the space with other family members, pets, washing machines or a whole host of other distractions.

This essentially is not set up to bring the best out of you for your work.


I’m really lucky to have a partner who is an interior designer and part of what we did when lock down began was to create a space for working that suited us both as more of our work had moved online. This was all the things I would want, light, open, spacious, good flow in the room, no clutter, effective storage etc., it was great and I really appreciate the insights supported by my partner to facilitate this. We knew that without it, suddenly being together 24/7 and trying to work in the same space could be more challenging that it needed to be.

We wanted to find out how we could get the best out of ourselves and our work under the new conditions.


I am also feeling space with my empathy and sensitivity, my felt sense of flow. This has been building through my energy and LifeForce Qigong work for nearly since 2001. How does the space support my energy, can I feel it expanding, lifting, moving or contracting and becoming dull and limited?

The latter is not an option for me in a working space, as any of you who have been to my clinics will realise.

I’m also lucky enough to be able to use some of my skills to remotely test for energy imbalances in spaces.

This has been called many things in the past, geopathic stress, sick building syndrome and is even a part of the success in Feng Shui. So between us, my partner and I can not only deal with function and aesthetics, but the energetics of space as well. Helping to create exactly that Integral balance of more goodness, truth, beauty and function.

So what would really help your work space right now? How could an Interior Space Designer and an Integral Practitioner change where you are trying to thrive and make it into something even greater?

And in the mean time, have a good feel of the space you are working in and then go back to that vision you created earlier and see how much of a mismatch there is between your ideal and your reality.

Contact me if you would like to discuss how you could be working in a space that feels like a million dollars to you, without having do much more than change things around? Or to get the energy of your space tested to ensure there is no adverse energies present.

If you would like to access the virtual interior design services of my partner, you can contact her through her website and connect with her on Facebook and Instagram

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