How Gravity Saved My Life...... Kind Of

How Gravity Saved My Life...... Kind Of

How Gravity Saved My Life...... Kind Of

Did Gravity really save my life? In one way yes, and that's all there really is to it, a perspective, a point of view. I'm glad that I have access to Gravity and the support it has brought me, read on to learn more about what I'm hinting at.

In 2013 I had what can only be described as an interesting car crash. Side impact, while I was doing about 55-60mph on a main road in low light and slightly damp conditions, a large 4x4 pulled out of a side road, trying to make a gap in the traffic that wasn't there and T barred me across the carriageway, missing somehow the on coming traffic (it was just after 6pm on the main A5 just outside of Oswestry). I walked away from it, but since then have had to invest daily time and energy to keeping myself pain free.

My routines consist of a mixture of physio exercises, yoga and most importantly for me Qigong. Carrying out some or all of these each day keeps my soft and supple, keeps my pain  and inflammation down and allows me a normal active life with few restrictions, but sometimes a cost for over doing it.

2 weeks ago, I think I must have slept funny, because not long after I got up, I twisted to reach for something and sent a big spasm through my back, an unfortunately familiar feeling, where a combination of being overtired and doing too much leave me prone to, for want of a better phrase, "Putting my back out".

This is not good when you have a really busy week (perhaps part of the problem) and a full day of clients ahead of me.

Feeling that all I could do was lie down, I went straight for my Gravity unit and just surrendered to the cradle to see what I could gain. Gravity Life Cradle is a really interesting piece of medical equipment, the only device that the College of Bowen studies endorse as a support device for helping spinal, neck, hip and a range of posture based issues. It is such a simple device, cradle for the neck, which has a specific direction to be used and a "Keystone" that supports your sacrum and between them, they allow the spine to extend, lengthen and relax. It encourages a parasympathetic response in the nervous system, which helps the body to heal and repair. I started using these after the Bowen 2017 Conference, where we were introduced to them, and haven't looked back since.

20 mins later, the suggested time for using the cradle, and knowing I needed to see if I could work that day, I got up, gingerly, carefully to find that the spasms of pain were about 60% reduced already and I could move in a way that felt ok, not great but ok.

I got my self through work, being careful, adding stretches and mobilisation from Qigong and Yoga where my day allowed and went home that night feeling better. Not back to normal, but improved enough that as long as I was careful, I could still work.

That night I used the Gravity cradle again and felt another 20% better, slept well had a better day at work and was glad to be improving rather than deteriorating. Used the Gravity cradle again that 2nd night and woke the 3rd day without pain and feeling like as long as I stayed self aware, I should be fine. 

2 weeks later, with further time in the evenings on the Gravity cradle and (touch wood) I've not had any more pain and been moving well.

So did Gravity save my life? I think so!

Had the cradle not helped my spine relax, I'd have had to given up at least 1 if not 2-3 days of work, perhaps more, spent a lot more time trying to rest and encourage my back to release it's spasm, which as many an employer and self-empolyed persons know, is an expensive business. In the moment where the spasm happened, it was my livelihood that was threatened, my happiness, my peace, things that really are my life and the time on the Gravity cradle really helped make that as short and easy as I think it could be, without having to find the time to go and see my Bowen Technique therapist to fix me up.

It also reminded me that we benefit from practicing our self awareness every moment, which is a great game in itself, and that surprises can lie around any corner (or twist) in our lives. That to keep caring for myself and understanding myself, giving to myself are important to me.

Could Gravity save your life, I hope so. Whether it's one of the gravity units or something more cosmic.

You can buy Gravity Cradles either through the Centre for Integral Health Shop, where you can opt for the discount and get £30 off the RRP, or from Gravity Life direct on their website and use the code INTEGRAL to claim the £30 off. 

However you do it, care for you, give yourself some time to repair and relax and see how grateful your body is that you try to help the spine stay healthy. You won't regret investing in self care when you back is healthier as time goes on rather than weaker.

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