Food is like Sex: If it doesn't turn you on, don't do it!

Food is like Sex: If it doesn't turn you on, don't do it!

Food is like Sex: If it doesn't turn you on, don't do it!

 There is a very nourishing aspect to good healthy sex that seems to be totally devoid in much of the modern media portrayal of the subject. We don't get encouraged to feel the deeper benefits of intimacy, and yet studies have shown (in primates) that the omission of intimacy will not only make us ill but bring us to premature death.

With much corporate food advertising focussed on image and brand, we forget that its ultimate aim is to give us the building blocks to repair and heal our bodies. We are given this very peripheral idea that bright packaging is enough to guarantee nourishment. This is far from the case.

Many of you will already know that images can be deceiving and the most satisfying experiences are the ones that engage us on multiple levels. So not only should our food look good, but it should inspire us, literally make us feel sexy at the very thought of putting it in our bodies and leave us feeling thoroughly satisfied by the experience.

This is the best way to support the 3 Bodies (Gross Physical, Subtle Emotional, Causal Mind), is to make sure the experience engages us on all levels if it can. And if not it is essential to have a range of experiences that cover it all. This way we are not left feeling unsatisfied and looking for the next meal or a cheap fix to fill us up. You should be left feeling great after food and inspired to go into the next part of your day with spring in your step and a smile on your face.

If you're not getting that from your food then you need to think again about the relationship you are in with it and change it.

Basically, if it doesn't turn you on, if you don't have that phaawwww moment in anticipation of eating, then what you are having is possibly not right for you. There should be a somatic, visceral response from your whole being that goes beyond the basic salivation, but something that leaves you knowing just how much this meal experience will do for you.

Anyone that says they don't bother making an effort for themselves with food is missing out on so much pleasure and nurturance from their food because we don't understand this idea, yet its so simple. And I also see too many people being a slave to a diet they think they have to have because of inappropriate self beliefs. Hopefully you wouldn't have sex for those reasons and if so, how could you change that?

Get your food to turn you on! 

If it doesn't, what do you have to do/change/create to make it happen. It doesn't have to be complex, difficult or require loads of technical knowledge. It doesn't have to be expensive gourmet. You can do simple, you can do quick, you can do easy, as long as it gets your juices flowing, just like good healthy sex should.

I've been working for over 12yrs professionally with so many different nutritional and dietary issues in my kinesiology practice and it has always amazed me how many people have a less than healthy relationship with food. Which unsurprisingly translates through to an unhealthy relationship with themselves, their loved ones and life in general in many cases.

Change one and the others will also respond. But food is one you have total control over and can shape to be the way you want it for the kind of person you would like to be.

So don't continue with the bad sex, bad food lifestyle. Come and find out what you need to make every meal positively brimming with foodgasms.

Or feel free to comment with your ideas of what made food sexy, healthy, nurturing for you.

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