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Personalised environmental surveys to identify and Harmonise the hidden currents in your BioEnergy System, home and workplace.

What is Geopathic Stress?sick building geopathic stress kinesiology

Originating from the Greek words meaning earth and illness, geopathic stress is about energies that are mainly natural in origin that have some detrimental or negative effect on our well being. It is not that these energies are negative or malicious; they simply vibrate at a frequency that with repeated long term exposure contributes to weakening our BioEnergy system and natural defence systems.

There are three main types of geopathic energy that can be found. These are divided into natural disturbances, found mainly below ground; manmade disturbances, including how our use of the planet effects the energy around us; and energies that are there as a result of the breakdown or failure of the earth's natural self regulating mechanisms.

Geopathic Stress (GS) may be noticeable in certain parts of a house or building that you can never sufficiently heat, or always have structural or damp problems that no amount of fixing seems to help. You can also find the behaviour of certain animals, plants or insects is also affected by GS.

The increase in GS in buildings is also affected by our modern need to build on land that more traditionally would have been left to its own devices. Without the consultation of anyone experienced in geomancy, the energies of the land are not assessed before building and problems or disruptions to that energy can then be found.

How can GS affect my health?

GS causes our body to behave as if it were under chronic stress, with exposure occurring often every day for long periods of time. To try and cope with this ongoing stress the body can produce high levels of stress responses. Over time this has a weakening effect on the BioEnergy of the body as it struggles to adapt to the stress of the environment, leaving us susceptible to cope with life in a state of less than optimal well-being.

GS may contribute to ill-health by:

Due to restrictions placed on us by the ASA we are unable to complete this section. If you would like to discuss possible effects of Geopathic Stress on your life then please feel free to contact me.

Will I have to move house?

The good news is that you don't have to move home or office. In most cases simple changes in your environment can bring about dramatic changes in health, productivity and well being. There are many solutions for GS and most of the time very few need to be applied to a situation. The easiest and most obvious being to move the position of the bed or desk, those places where we may spend a considerable amount of time. It may also benefit to move or remove certain items from the location or to bring in certain colours, symbols or crystals to balance and harmonise the energy. Specialist tools and devices are also sometimes suggested to help the natural energy of a location.

It may also be that channelled energy can be directed within the home or work place to re-pattern the energy so that it no longer has the detrimental effect on the BioEnergy balance of those who spend time there.

Each place is individual in its energies; there is no one solution to fit every situation. But for each place there is a way to bring a greater degree of harmony and balance so that the occupants are no longer being unbalanced by detrimental GS energies.

What happens in a survey?

feng shui geopathic stress kinesiology sick buildingOne of the best ways to have your home checked is to have a professional GS survey conducted. The survey is split into two parts, firstly the identification of possible detrimental energies, secondly to identify ways to bring these energies into a more harmonious state for the occupants.

Surveys can be done either from a distance or on site. In either case I will spend time conducting a detailed survey of the site, identifying any energy that may be having a detrimental effect on the balance of the occupants using a mixture of sensing, dowsing, muscle testing and observance of natural features of the environment.

I will also provide an index of the stress on the site and how much your BioEnergy is being affected by it.

Any channelling that is required for the site will be carried out soon after the initial survey and a report produced detailing what has been found, the work that has been done remotely and whatever changes, additions or movements need to be carried out by the occupants. Support in making these changes is then available on request.

For more details about your personal survey please contact me.

Intrusive Energiesintrusive energies spirits kinesiology

If the problem isn't in the earth it may simply be in the air around you. That is not a literal suggestion, but we have all experienced places that make our skin crawl. There are other forms of energy that are not necessarily tied to the place but are still having a detrimental effect on your BioEnergy System.

Some of these are energies directed by other people. This can include anything from someone thinking harmful or unkind thoughts about you right through to ritualised processes to create a destructive pattern in your life.

Some of these energies are the residues of negative experiences that are left behind, like the atmosphere in a room after an argument, some are part of the world we cannot see around us. These 'thought-fields' are the echoes of past experience that remain around us, some of which can be inadvertently wiped on the energy field, leaving us carrying around a copy of that echo.

Some of these energies seem to have more of a life of their own and could be considered 'lost souls' or other forms of entity that for some reason have become connected to or attached to our energy field. This can often result in a draining effect on our energy or the sense that there is a malicious presence around us. This may also leave us experiencing moods or emotions that seem out of character to us or wanting to do things that are not part of our normal nature.

Whatever the source, the way your BioEnergy is interacting with them is not always leaving you feeling top of the world and sometimes needs to be changed.

Your BioEnergy can be assessed and cleared using methods from Kinesiology. This is a gentle and non-invasive process that can be done at a distance if necessary.

For more information on this please contact me directly.