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What is Sekhem?

Sekhem is a channelled energy form, similar to other more familiar hands on or spiritual healing methods. That is it comes from a source outside of ourselves. It is not the persons own energy, but is drawn from the ethos of Living Light or Divine energy that we are all connected to and use to power and support your well being.sekhem healing ben calder

Because of the very high vibrational frequency and concentration of Sekhem energy, its aspect of unconditional divine love is to a degree that which you may not have experienced before.

It is suggested by its founder Helen Belot, that Sekhem is an ancient system of wisdom as taught in the temples of early Egyptian times. Sekhem works on many levels simultaneously, elevating our BioEnergetic Vibrational frequency.
Sekhem is non-religious because it connects with divine source and will build on whatever that means for you.

How does Sekhem work?

Sekhem addresses the subtle aspects of cause. Consistent use of Sekhem helps to encourage you to quickly and easily bring the changes you wish for in your life. Working with the energy empowers you to take charge of your life and move away from feeling in a state of dis-ease.

Where does the energy go?

With Sekhem, no need for diagnosis exists. The energy will be drawn to where it is needed by the higher consciousness of the person receiving it.

Just as water fills any indented surface in a cup before raising to the brim, so this energy flows to and balances the area's most in need of healing before raising the balance of all the components of body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Specific intension can be given to support any area the receiver would like to focus on.

sun light energy healing sekhem ben calder

What can Sekhem help with?

In truth the real limitation of what Sekhem can help you with is set by you.

The techniques of Sekhem are for releasing blockages on all levels, the removal of which encourages the body to heal itself from even long term energetic imbalance.

With Sekhem it is up to you to decide how much you will allow your life to change.

Only through change can we expect our imbalances to become anything other than what they are now. Sekhem allows the process of change to be gentle and smooth, while feeling supported and loved.

What happens in a session?

Treatments are given fully clothed and can be done either lying down or seated.

After setting a jointly agreed intension, we start working from the feet, upwards over the body. Sometimes the practitioner's hands will be in contact with the body, sometimes they will be just above it. We work up to the head, directing the energy all the major areas of the body and any specially highlighted areas. At times we will draw appropriate symbols over an area to help focus or magnify the energy. We will then return to the feet to ground the energy before finishing.