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  • What happens if I can't walk for the whole session time?
  • What happens in a 1-2-1 In The Park session?
  • Will we still walk if the weather is poor?
Most sessions will be 1hr duration. For anyone who feels they are unable to walk for that long, we will find a location close to our start point where we can carry out discussion and breath/qigong practices without further walking. The most important aspect is that we are out in nature as we carry out the session. If at any point during a session the walking aspect seems unsuitable for you, inform me and we can stop or seek an alternative way to continue.
We will have an agreed meeting place, (all sessions in Shrewsbury will begin at the Centre for Integral Health) and will begin from that point with instructions of how to notice your breathing and walking as we move to our park location. During this we will begin to discuss what it is you are wanting to change and work with in that session. I will then apply whichever techniques I think are relevant to your session goals and we will continue to explore those themes through the session. Additional practices of Qigong and breathing will be added as seem appropriate.
No. The sessions are designed to be something positive and life affirming, there is no need to make the experience more challenging with adverse weather conditions. In all cases of rain or snow during the session time, an alternative practice or time will be offered. Dull or potential poor weather sessions will still go ahead, whatever the season, so be prepared with suitable clothing and footwear for the season and expected weather. Contact me on the day of your session if you are unsure. But in all cases of a session being postponed I will contact you in advance to confirm
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