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  • How many sessions of mentoring will I need?
  • Is mentoring via phone or web as effective as in person?
  • What type of issues do you offer mentoring for?
A million dollar question. From years of successful practice, I can safely say that questions is just one you have to ask yourself as you go along. For some it will only be one session necessary to shift them to the next level of being, for others it may take 3-6. You are in control of this at all times and can choose to have further sessions or to cease at any time it no longer feels appropriate. Many people choose to have maintenance sessions where they return every 3-6 months to have a top up or boost when they feel that their mojo is flagging. My cancellation policy remains in effect at all times and you must adhere to this when cancelling to avoid being charged.
That depends entirely on how you best receive and participate in a mentoring relationship. For some, working online or via phone is less effective and they do not find the process conducive to their development. For others, face to face work is the most challenging and they find the process of being in their own chosen environment much more relaxing and supportive. The only question you need to ask is what feels right for you to choose? There is no preference for me and I feel I can effectively deliver mentoring support via any of the offered options.
The 3 areas I consider myself most able to support you are Personal Development, Relationships and Building Your (Therapy or other) Business I am also open to discussing any situation with you so we can decide if it is an area that I can offer you effective and supportive mentoring.
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