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  • Do I need to come regularly?
  • Does it matter what balls I use?
  • How will I feel following the class?
  • Who shouldn't do this class?
Depends how your body feels. If you find that work and lifestyle leave you feeling tense, stiff and in pain, then regular attendance will help you better manage that and stay in a healthier more fluid state.
It will make a difference. I have found that the best balls are the small pilates balls that you can inflate and deflate to be able to adjust to your unique needs. Some people prefer the harder lacrosse balls and some firm tennis balls. I suggest having at least one smaller tennis sized ball for when we work on the face. But apart from that, the choice is yours and experience is the thing to tell you what feels best for your body.
For most participants (when they feel ready to move) there is a deep sense of full body relaxation, easier movement, less physical and mental tension. This can remain for a number of days depending on your lifestyle. Often people will find their breathing is slower and easier, their digestion feels more comfortable and is working better, headaches and pains can be significantly reduced.
While this class is self-administered, so you can adjust the amount of pressure or duration on any particular part of your body, there are some conditions I would consider it ill advised to participate with. Pregnancy, contagious infections, severe abdominal pains/issues, cancer, severe back problems, open wounds or recent surgical sites. If in doubt, please consult your medical professional or speak to me before booking on.
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