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Substance Reaction

What is a Substance Reaction?

Depending on which source you listen to there are many different definitions for the body's lack of recognition of a food or other substance.

Drawing from the definition developed in Health Kinesiology...

Substance Reactions are an altered energy response (disturbance) at the BioEnergetic level. Tolerance is a metabolic issue – how much of a substance can the body handle at any given time without reacting to it, again at a BioEnergetic level.

This means the smallest grain or particle will be enough to disturb your body's natural energy system.wheat grain flour allergies kinesiology

The disturbance in the energy system could result in any number of reactions which can occur immediately or up to 72hrs after the exposure.

Contact me to find out what changes you might experience in response to this altered energy response. In fact almost anything might be affected by this response.

By using Kinesiology methods, we are not just looking at isolated aspects of your energy system, so we can often identify issues that are affecting parts of your system that conventional allergy testing may miss.

For example the type of Immunoglobulin's that would be triggered by a scratch or skin prick allergy test or not the same as those which would give primary response to respiratory or digestive allergic response. So a scratch test for food or airborne allergens is only revealing if you would react if the substances are injected into the bloodstream, making it an inaccurate series of test results.

This is only the tip of the iceberg of what Kinesiology can do for your well-being.

Substance Reaction and Tolerance Responses, what is the difference?

From the outward reaction there is little difference between a substance reaction and tolerance response, but on the inside, they affect the BioEnergy in very different ways.

irritable bowel kinesiology allergiesThe body recognises what the substance is, but finds it hard work to process it. So the more you have the more the body struggles to deal with it. When the volume you have had, which may have built up over several days or weeks, exceeds the body's capacity to cope, then a change in the BioEnergy will occur. This would be experienced by you as an allergic reaction, but what has caused it is an overload to your ability to metabolise whatever caused the reaction.

It is also possible to have a zero Tolerance to a substance but not to have a Substance Reaction (based on lack of recognition); in this case the substance should be avoided.


How is the testing done?

All samples remain sealed in glass vials so there is no chance of a physical reaction taking place. Only muscle testing is used so there is definitely no use of needles, blood testing or scratch testing. As balancing techniques from Kinesiology are used to create an initial relative stabilisation for the body, most people find the experience relaxing, intriguing and reassuring.

How you use your results is up to you, there are two main options that we suggest.

  1. Within 4-6 weeks you should see an improvement if you are being strict and have followed the guidelines for removing additives and chemical.sneezing kinesiology allergies
  2. The second way to help yourself is to return for some further sessions of Kinesiology and we can help to improve the stability of your body BioEnergy throughout its normal daily activities.

At the end of your sessions we will tell you when your BioEnergy system considers it appropriate to re-introduce the items from your results. We may also advise other lifestyle changes.



What do you test? Over 560 substances!

  • 200 Foods, Milks, Milk Substitutes and Alcohols
  • Food Phenolic Compounds
  • 165 Industrial Chemicals and Inhalants including Pesticides
  • Common Personal Care and Fragrance ingredients
  • Over 50 Pollens, Dusts and Moulds
  • 25 Common Metals

chemical toiletriesThe list has regular updates and contains most common items. Please feel welcome to bring small samples of any items, including medications, you feel may be affecting your BioEnergy.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your situation or if you would like any other information.