Grounding: why we need it for healthy lives

Grounding: why we need it for healthy lives

Grounding: why we need it for healthy lives

If we take the simple comparison with trees, without the rooting, they cannot survive. They are unable to absorb vital parts of their nutrition and they would be unable to develop beyond their seeding. Rooting is essential for their survival. And in a slightly more metaphorical way, I believe it is for ours as well.

We can take the idea of grounding in several ways:

It can be understanding the foundations that underlie any project or change we make, are they being done for good healthy reasons from a heartfelt and ethical point of view or are they being done to gain or avoid something that we don't deal with well.

It could be to have a firm knowledge basis for anything that we undertake to ensure that we are aware of and including all the relevant perspectives. See the article Health is a 4 Quadrant Affair for more ideas on this.

But more commonly for me it is about where peoples energy is at. So frequently in this informational age, we are very in our heads. We are dealing with imagery, moving graphics and sound combinations that our minds and body's are having to scrabble desperately to evolve with. This frequently leaves us 'up in our heads' or even 'out of our bodies' and far less able to cope with the stresses and challenges of our lives. 

Our regular use of stimulants such as caffeine and refined sugar is pushing us to work at faster and harder rates. Our social connections can be global as opposed to local and our sense of who we are, how we define ourselves, our kosmic address, is much harder to describe due to the rapid changes and developments in the world around us.

This is not something that was a problem for our grandparents and their parents before them because our mobility was more limited, our connectivity was more limited and all of it was much slower than it is now.

I regularly hear from people I work with, that they feel lost in their lives, feel disconnected or don't know what they are doing, don't know where they are going. This stems from a lack of feeling or being grounded and can literally lead us to being 'off our heads'. 

Through this series of discussions we will be looking at what happens in our lives when we don't ground ourselves adequately, what we can do to change that and what benefits we gain from inserting this simple and profound practice into our lives. We can literally, like the trees, enable ourselves to grow, to be able to weather the storms, to contribute more positively to our environments, just by taking the time to invest a little of our time and energy inwardly towards ourselves.

As the series progresses I invite you to share your thoughts and experiences on grounding (or on not being grounded) and to experiment with the suggestions made here to enhance your experience of your life.

Be encouraged to share things that do (and don't) work to ground you. And share this information and the benefits you gain from it with friends and family.

As a first step, why not try one of the grounding exercises listed here or here.

Take any experience lightly and don't put any pressure on yourself for it to 'be a certain way'. Observe what you experience and be encouraged to share your results.


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