Are we really removing 'blockages' from our clients?

Are we really removing 'blockages' from our clients?

Are we really removing 'blockages' from our clients?

 In a lot of ways this is a matter of of concept and language use, but I feel that is pretty vital when we are trying to understand what we are doing and when we are making a judgement about what we are doing with body energetics when we are working.

The concept of a blockage is something that is adverse and in the way, preventing flow or movement. In the Oxford on line dictionary it states

Definition of blockage:
an obstruction which makes movement or flow difficult or impossible:

Now in most cases I would like to suggest that your client does not turn up to your session with virtually no movement. Nor do they contact you saying I would like to come but its impossible. 

So what do we really mean?

Well following on from Gil's work and seeing in the body through dissection what it can do with traumas, I would like to suggest a revision of the concept. That actually what we are looking at is an adaptation to stress. In the same way that a body will lay down additional collagen to reinforce structures that are out of ideal alignment, perhaps on an energetic level the things that we perceive as blockages are nothing more than energetic adaptations to trauma and stress. Ways of reinforcing the energy of the body temporarily to deal with what we are facing. But if we don't go back and correct our 'energy' posture or alignment, then these structures become more permanent  Akin to physical structures that calcify and become increasingly immobile or liver cells that turn permanently fatty after extended and uninterrupted cirrhosis.

Are the energy structures of the body doing a similar thing? I think perhaps they are. After all, if we look at this from an AQAL perspective, then all phenomena are tetra-arising, a correlate in each quadrant.

Further musing on this took me to thinking of the nature of blockage. If we think about how we might experience a physical blockage; blocked airway from choking, heart attack, bowel obstruction, stroke etc; these are all very dramatic, potentially terminal events. Certainly enough to warrant some sort of fairly imminent intervention. So why wouldn't the same apply to an energetic blockage at any other level?

We could potentially see this at moments of extreme emotional or mental stress and possibly during extreme psychic attack as well. So what is happening the rest of the time when we are supposedly dealing with 'blocks'? Are we actually dealing with the energetic equivalent to cholesterol building up in our arteries, or the deterioration of the myelin sheath around our nerves? All of which are adaptive responses to the internal and external environment of the individual. That seems more feasible in some ways. Why? 

For one, I would say that from the kinesiology model I trained in, I have had perhaps 400+ 'corrections' for 'blockages' in my energy. If this is so then why haven't I seen far more dramatic and obvious symptoms from these? Why was my general health not significantly worse before I started having these dealt with? Again from an AQAL perspective, there would have been correlates in my internal/external, individual and collective dimension. But given the the idea of a blockage being more critical, this certainly would not be my experience. And while there is no doubt that some of the work I have had done has been in response to ongoing and newly emerging situations; I really don't consider myself so chronically ill. This also doesn't take into account the amount of time I have spent in the last 20 years refining my diet, developing my mind, exercising, practising chi kung and other energy practices, all of which without a doubt support my health.

In further contemplation I began to question the basics of the model that I had been given originally through Health Kinesiology. And while I took this on board at the time as a suitable explanation, I now wonder if it was too simplistic to really encompass the deeper complexity of energetic interaction in our bodies?

over energy type 1

over energy type 2

switching type 1







switching type 2 energy reversal type 1







If we look at the diagrammatic representation of these blockages as presented in the Health Kinesiology Level 2 Manuals in the section under the energy model. We can see that it is a very linear 2 dimensional model that suggests that yes you will have an actual blockage. But given the suggestions I have made above, this seems unlikely without a corresponding and significant physical representation, which at certain observably traumatic moments, perhaps there is. The only one of these diagrams that seems to really give a reasonable representation is the 'Over-Energy Type 1' which implies some sort of restriction, like a cholesterol build up in the meridians to temporarily support them until the appropriate conditions can be re-established. The author doesn't reference his sources, nor offer any reasonable supportive evidence for his model.  

Yet within this model of kinesiology, every session is begun by checking the general state of over-energy in the meridians and every correction during that session is dealing with or measuring a state of over-energy that is then being corrected. This seems unlikely again for the reasons given above that any individual would have so many potentially critical blocks and still be able to attend a consultation.

I continue that idea with the fact that acupuncturists, who spend years developing the practice of pulse diagnosis and assess the pulse for its speed, depth and quality as its rises and falls under the three fingers they use to assess are not to my knowledge, looking for 'blockages'. The application of acupuncture, acupressure, moxibustion, cupping, Tui Na or herbs is then followed by a further assessment to detect for any change/equalisation/improvement/harmonisation/stabilisation in the pulses. This at no point is suggesting the detection or removal or 'blockages', but does imply an alteration or further adaptation of the way the energy system is constructing its self, new adaptations being made as circumstance changes, given the right tools for support of that change.

So does this give us then a model more like fascial unwinding that can be seen in Bowen Technique and other forms of body work? Where the structure that has adapted to the current stresses and tensions of the organism is encouraged to change and select a new more appropriate and more adequate arrangement to better support the body at this current point?

This would perhaps be a better way of looking at what we are trying to do when working with kinesiology, a less on/off model of blockage, but more one of adaptive changes that over time have become chronic and are no longer adequate. This would go further to explaining why an individual can have so much work done over a long period of time and will continue to need more. It is more in line with the idea of Integral Life Practice where the body benefits from being looked at from the four fundamental dimension-perspectives of AQAL and requires that all aspects of the self are checked in with to monitor for the most adequate support for that individual at that point in their lives, as a continual and on going processThis also then leaves in place the idea that you will need to review and adjust this throughout your life. This could be at different seasons, ages, cultural, social and geographic locations and stage development points for starters.

At this point, this idea is nothing more than an idea that for me warrants more observation and research. It certainly requires more support in terms of references and I would like to invite those who read it to contribute positively where you can to the concepts suggested here.

I would certainly like to invite any of you with significant experience in acupuncture if you can provide any researched or referenced material to help with this matter.


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