My Men's Health interview on Calon FM

My Men's Health interview on Calon FM

It is always a pleasure to get invited onto Calon FM for my friend Denise Oliver's Empowerment Hour radio program.

Denise wanted to have a discussion around perspectives on men's health to tie in with the energy of "Movember" or Men's Health month in November.

We made it quite clear through the program that this was in no way trying to deny the health issues suffered by women or to suggest that women's issues weren't important. Neither of us are anti-women or anti-feminist, but we both wanted to talk in more detial about the types of issues that men might experience and why as a gender, it seems that they are more reluctant to get help than females in general.

Anyway, listen along and enjoy the show, have a laugh at the moments where we paused to allow the music to be inserted for the broadcast version

Listen to "Mens Health interview on Calon FM with Denise Oliver" on Spreaker.



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