Should we be trying to balance our clients?

Should we be trying to balance our clients?

Should we be trying to balance our clients?

Which considering there is a great deal of support behind the idea that our thoughts and intentions have a significant effect on the physical state of our bodies, I just want to propose an idea for making this a more efficient and focused process.


The term 'Balance' means:

The ability to maintain ones physical equilibrium; equilibrium between contrasting, opposing or interacting elements; to be an equal counter-pose. Penguin Reference Dictionary

 Within a working situation as a kinesiologist, this has come to mean that we try to bring our client's energy into a state of balance. That this balance will help to maintain the equilibrium of the system and allow them to remain well or improve their health.

I have been thinking more and more that this is not a good state to try to create in people (or in ourselves) as it suggests a point of stasis. Balance is actually a point of stillness, where nothing is taking place, because forces that would be in opposition become equal. Not too much or too little, but balanced.

Why doesn't this seem like a good thing to aim for? Quite simply because its not possible or desirable to have. The body is a dynamic organism, we are constantly adjusting and cycling biochemicals, hormones, neurotransmitters, chi. prana and no doubt a whole host of other energy forms. At virtually no point are they balanced, they are moving, flowing and responding to one another. As a stop point, balance may last a fraction of a second until things start to flow a different way. 

Balance is an unsustainable point for the human organism, so why would we want to spend a lot of our time and energy trying to achieve something that will be lost as soon as its gained? For us to even walk we must unbalance ourselves or we could not move from one spot to the next.

As a more appropriate term I would like to suggest, discuss and experiment with the concept of 'Stability' to replace balance.

By definition, Stability is:

the quality of being firmly based, the property of a body to recover equilibrium after being disturbed, resistance to change or disintegration. Penguin Reference Dictionary

And as a continuation, Stable is:

likely to remain firmly upright, well founded or securely established so as to endure and be dependable, not subject to feelings of mental or emotional insecurity. Penguin Reference Dictionary

From a health and healing perspective, one of the reasons why a person would become unwell is due to a lack of stability. They display an inability to cope with change and adversity in their environment and therefore their health is affected.

We can take the analogy of walking a little further. When we first learn to walk our stability is at a very basic stage; we fall down more, our stamina and co-ordination are limited and we are relatively unstable. As we improve our ability to walk through experience, we become increasing more stable and more able to carry out the activity for extended periods of time on varying terrain, we may even run or use the skill in different ways. This has only come about because of the increased stability. This development of 'walking' has to evolve through a series of stages which must be done in order (learn to walk before you can run); and like many aspects of health, consciousness, awareness; we have to evolve through a series of steps that must be taken in a certain order as we learn and develop.

Lets be clear that all states of being that people exist in are adequate. That is they serve you to a point. But that is not to say that there isn't a more adequate state to exist in, one that contains all of the constructive and beneficial points of where you are right now, but leaves behind all of the limitations and problems or the outdated beliefs of the current state. The new stage of being is a more adequate, more encompassing and more integrated state than you were previously. This is how we move on in life, how we grow.

But it must be stated that it is possible to make a horizontal change which doesn't really include any growth at all. We can change the clothes that we wear, but how we breathe and think may stay the same, no real growth has taken place. What we are aiming to do is make pattern changes. To look at the limitations that we have, or to identify the areas where we lack integration and to make changes to those points that allow for a vertical shift in our existence.

I am suggesting that this is what we should be aiming to do in our practice with our clients. 'But I already do that' I hear you say. I agree, that is what many practitioners are doing. I am just suggesting a different description for how we are working because 'balance' is a very finite state to achieve, pointless in fact if we have to create imbalance to make changes to ourselves or to move through our environments.

To develop a greater state of relative stability, to make us more capable of supporting our selves as the demands on our lives change and in many cases constantly and rapidly change; it gives us greater chance of meeting and thriving in those changes if our level of stability is greater. or the most adequate that we can make it at any one time. And yes we are always at the most adequately state that we can be at any one time, but can we include other aspects and release limitations to make that situation better?

Does that make this a never finished process then? Yes I believe so. As long as we continue to breathe and move through life then we can continue to make adjustment to how we live to refine it and make it increasingly adequate for what our current life situation is. In this day in age the changes that our lives experience are the most rapid to have been experienced by mankind up until this point and we benefit from adapting to it as much as we can so that it is less likely to have a detrimental or pathological affect on us.

That is not to say that it is an obsessive, constant introspection that needs to be done. Just the pattern of looking at where we are and what we do and to ask our selves on a regular basis what could be done to improve how stable we feel? In what areas are we not at the levels we feel would be more adequate than where we are now? 

As our world view changes and develops, then so will our needs and desires for healthy happy living. This is why it should be a part of our pattern of living to review the suitability of how we live for who we are. To create as much congruence in our lives as possible, to create as much stability as possible.


I welcome any discussion on this idea

Thank you




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