Celebrating 15yrs of awesome Practice in Shropshire & Cheshire

Celebrating 15yrs of awesome Practice in Shropshire & Cheshire

Celebrating 15yrs of awesome Practice in Shropshire & Cheshire

It's amazing to think that I have now been in professional practice for 15 years here in Shropshire and Cheshire! On one level, things still feel the same. The "I" that sees out of these eyes is still the same as it has always been and always will be. But on the other hand, everything has changed. And I will be celebrating this massive milestone with 15 days of celebrations, competitions & giveaways, Facebook Live events, sharing old radio shows and blogs, so that you all can enjoy where 15 years has brought me and a whole lot of you (with now over 13,000 clinical hours of practice, excluding teaching).

I, for one, am really grateful to have reached this point in my career. I remember reaching 2 years of professional practice and thinking wow, I have quite a bit of experience now, of not feeling inadequate when someone asked how long I'd been practicing for. 2 years seemed to be a magic point. Which looking back from here is pretty funny, because these days I try to apply a beginners mind to each client and each situation, to be curious about how a person got to where they did, what choices they have made and experiences they have lived through to contribute to why they are in my office and how I can help them. There have been so many people, clients, friends, colleagues, teachers, who have all shared so much and taught me so much, my gratitude to you is immense.

I can see that I have been through many changes, many developments, many failures. There have been things that have nearly beaten me, wanting to give up, change my choices, even regret in places (although I don't really do much in the way of regret). But I can accept that those were all moments in a river that just continues to flow, and I can either try and hang on to the bank and get tired, or I can allow them to be in the past and flow into whatever life brings next on the journey. And it has been a magnificent journey, that keeps on giving and giving no matter what happens. I love that. 

And perhaps that is one of the best things to try and share with people, that no matter what happens, don't worry, because until you die (and perhaps even then) there will be something around the bend that will be different to this. What is more, you can actively choose to keep seeking around the bend and see what is next, you can make choices that will carry you to a different view, a different experience and a whole different life. The limitations that suggest you can't are just interesting points of view. Nothing more! You can attach and cling to that point of view, like it somehow gives you identity, but it is still nothing more than a thought and a though can be changed.

So what's coming up for you all as I celebrate this beautiful milestone in my career?

From April 19th until May 4th (Star Wars Day for those of you who indulge) I will be doing a daily live Facebook Event from my Page LifeForce Patterning Integral Health every day at 9am. These will be little 5 minute live session where I will share a simple tool that you can use right away to start improving your life. These are all aspects of what can be termed Integral Life Practice, little bits that all contribute to a better working life, more joyful and rich, because you invest a little each day to making it greater.

If you watch the livestream and like or comment on it, then you are in with a chance to win one of 15 FREE years registration to the new Resources Area  in my newly designed website from the fabulous Six Ticks.

I will also be running a daily competition to win a FREE session with me worth £50, there will be 5 x Bowen Technique, 5 x Kinesiology and 5 x Access Bars sessions up for grabs, each worth £50. you can find more out about these on the services pages of the website.

So make sure you go to my facebook page and like and follow so you can be in with a chance of winning some of this great stuff, improving your life and joining me for the celebration of my 15 awesome years in business.

Looking forward to seeing you on the livestreams and more

Thank you for being part of what has made 15 years so special to me.

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