An Ode to Acupuncture

An Ode to Acupuncture

An Ode to Acupuncture

My Ode to Acupuncture

Those of you who are literary minded will spot immediately that this isn't technically an ode at all!

I can promise that there will be some noble and lofty sentiments, and no doubt some exaltation of feeling, but still not really a true ode. But you know what, I don't mind, the title sounded right for me so I going for it!


So why am I writing this? Good question.

It occurred to me at the start of the year that I have now been having regular acupuncture for over a year, seeing my fabulous practitioner Amanda Bedding (get her details here ), approximately every 2 weeks or so for the whole of 2019.

This might sound excessive to some, but for me it has been just right. We have to be able to take an objective view of the level of demand and use we put our body and mind through in our life and ask the genuine question of how much support do I really need. 

I have to acknowledge that not only do I demand a lot of myself physically and emotionally, both in my work and my personal life.

I also want to acknowledge that my work takes a considerable toll on my resources both physically and emotionally. Working with clients that have a varying range of physical and emotional problems and require quite diverse levels of support. Seeing on average 20 clients a week, plus teaching at least 2 LifeForce Qigong or meditation classes a week (which to be honest make me feel better and add value to my energy), before I have even looked at my personal life for climbing, my band, being in the hills, my relationships etc, I know that I need to be supported.

I have a number of clients who are working at high levels of business, very demanding jobs and they come to me for regular work, because they are not going to give up doing what they do and the best I can help them to do is change how they go about it. Making sure that they do as much as their body needs to keep it in an optimum space to reach the goals and demands they make in their lives.

So why wouldn't I do the same for myself?

Well I do.

My regular practice of meditation and LifeForce Qigong, along with diet and other things is great and does a lot to help me, but it doesn't give me the objective perspective of another person listening to me, observing me, assessing me and helping all the bits that I am missing.

Cause after all, we know what we know and we don't know what we don't know

So anytime you catch yourself saying that you know yourself and know what you need, remember you just can't know what you don't know. 

Allowing someone who is trained to look not just at you physically, but in depth, smell, colour/palour of skin, pulse, tongue (digestion), all of which reveal info about you at many physical, subtle and emotional levels.

I personally find a good acupuncturist is able to discern a lot of info with just a short series of questions and observations, they can then apply what they feel will be best to restore the equilibrium and flow to the system (which is the goal) using a range of methods.

With Amanda, I find that she uses a range of soft tissue techniques including Gua Sha (scraping), cupping and fire cups, moxa and needles, all while observing the changes in my pulse and meridians. Amanda is also a medical herbalist and makes some great suggestions on refining my diet and advising herbs and formulas to help.

One of the things I love about the process is her feedback to me, about how willing my Qi (life force energy) is so ready and willing to shift. I don't seem to take much encouragement to come back to a healthier state of equilibrium in the sessions and I really feel the boost in my body, mind and spirit.

Even when I've pushed myself a bit much and I'm running a bit thin. I find a session really grounds my system and brings me back to purpose with greater ease.

Thanks to my training and experience in Kinesiology and our use of it in LifeForce Qigong, I have a deep appreciation for the 5 Element system of Chinese medicine and the application of that through acupuncture is a joy to observe. Listening to Amanda talk about how what I'm experiencing in myself at any point I see her, though the lens of 5 Elements, is just fascinating and always relevant. Plus I find she picks up on stuff that hasn't even manifested physically yet and is already regulating it before it gets to be an issue.

Was this an ode to acupuncture?

For me yes, I love it, I value it, I would recommend anyone to use it as a great way of improving and balancing your health, alongside your wellness program.

Does it hurt? Depends on what pain means to you. I personally find that the sensations I experience from needles being inserted are a) brief and b) tell me quite a lot about how the energy is at that point in my body, so I never mind it and certainly don't fear it.

So go try it. Make sure you see a qualified, registered professional, preferably someone with some good reviews and referrals.

And yes that is me below with needles in my face!


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