How LifeForce Qigong helped me be a better runner

How LifeForce Qigong helped me be a better runner

How LifeForce Qigong helped me be a better runner

In Novemebr 2013 I had a side impact car crash, a 4 wheel drive shunted me out of my lane, through the on coming traffic and into a grass verge on the other side of the road. I had to give up running, an activity I loved, because it hurt too much during and after. Over 18 months later, I'm now running again and amazed how much I haven't lost my conditioning despite doing virtually no cardio. I credit this to the newly emerging LifeForce Qigong

 LifeForce Qigong is a newly emerging Integral Life Practice developed by my brother Simon Calder with a little support from myself. It comes as a call to update the over 50yrs combined experience we have in health and wellbeing practices, especially in Qigong and Yoga. We looked at how these practices often still operated with archaic and mythic language and were lacking a true integration into the 21st Century and are currently working on developing a reframed, scaleable model of self-development which can be considered a form of Integral Life Practice; in that it doesn't matter what sphere of your life you apply it to it will improve your interaction with that area, as well as all the others.

After the accident, I knew what needed doing. In 18hrs I was with my osteopath, within a week I was having a course of Bowen Fascial Release Technique and from the outset I was using the techniques of my chi kung practice that I knew would help to release my body. I was doing between 10-30 mins, 1-2x a day, every day of integrated mobilisation, stretching and movement to help my body stay mobile. I'm self employed so can't afford to take time off, so I did what I do best; I invested time and energy into my health and it kept me working, albeit at reduced levels, but gradually I got back to near full capacity. A year after the accident, having not run for about 10 months, I saw the consultant orthopedic surgeon, and despite doing all his tests easily, he couldn't understand why I was still in pain. So I explained that because I wasn't using drugs and I was doing all the components that we are now formalising into LifeForce Qigong, which includes work on all 3 Bodies (Gross Physical, Subtle Energetic (Emotions & Meridians), and Causal (Mind and Presence)), along with mental training, mindfulness, meditation, breath awareness and exercises, effective and specific nutrition; my body was doing well compared to how others may have been that don't have the education and experience to employ all those support tools.

But I wasn't there, the knees didn't feel quite right yet and I wasn't going to risk pushing it before I was ready. I had further fascia release work done through Rolfing and continued my programme of Integral Qigong exercises.

Then in the last month, something had changed, the energy levels were flowing better than before and I could feel the freedom returning to my body. It felt time to hit the road again.

So tentatively I went back out, slow and short to start with, no problem. Now I'm building up to longer runs and gently increasing my pace, with no agenda or time scale on when I get to any certain level.

But what amazed me the most was my cardio fitness. Considering I have done NOTHING/NADA/ZIP/ZILTCH with my cardio in a traditional sense, just the breath awareness and practices of LifeForce Qigong (which aren't original or unavailable elsewhere, just a recognised integral part of what makes this system complete). So when I was running I was amazed that there was no cardio issues, so no oxygen debt, so no aching in the muscles post exercise. Which when combined with the movement and stretching practices I use as part of the system, just mean I'm doing and feeling great as the journey continues to unfold.

So bottom line: LifeForce Qigong has helped, and is helping, to make me a better runner and I'm just more than a little grateful for that.

If you want to learn more about how you could bring these practices into your life, making it more complete, more supported and healthy, then don't hesitate to get in contact.

Stay Well

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