Standing Vs Pokemon Go!

Standing Vs Pokemon Go!

Standing Vs Pokemon Go!

 It's ok, Pokemon Go is at least getting people out into the world to walk, just a shame that they are transfixed with the phone in their hand and the resonant EM frequency effect on the body. But nature is there around them and they can't really ignore it, even if they are not focussing on it.

As the wind was a little cool, I was glad to see that most of the group had long sleeves with them and we focused on loosening exercises first; opening energy gates, song shen and then a set of the beautiful 5 Element tonification exercises developed by my brother as part of the Myofascial DaoYin work he teaches. 

I can feel my body opening and softening, feel my connection with the land, the trees, sky, earth, wind become more obvious and flowing more freely and fully. My breathing feels deeper, fuller and more relaxed and the awareness of song grows.

Then we stand, traditional 5 postures, allowing the breath to be soft, the chi and fascia to sink as my skeleton feels like it is rising and standing in alignment.

There are many people walking around the park tonight, not all on the Pokemon (Pokemong lol) hunt, some giving us strange looks, some not even noticing us as they follow their phones. It makes me chuckle inside to observe so many different experiences of the same place. Seeing the rest of the group anywhere between sublime peace and shaking and struggling with certain postures. Life is so experiencial in each moment, with each breath.


Once home, I'm motivated into practicing more; shaking, finding flow, working through parts of my body that feel they are not flowing as much as the rest and finding out what they need to bring them along. I complete a 5 Element standing set from Myofascial DaoYin and really feel the water element bring me back to myself. Having found out recently from my 5 Element Acupuncturist David Start , that my constitutional type is water element, I can really open and embrace that part of myself in a new way. The standing really helps to complete the sense of oneness that started in the park tonight and carries me to sleep and dreams of bliss.


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