What is LifeForce Qigong Pt1

What is LifeForce Qigong Pt1

What is LifeForce Qigong Pt1

What is Qigong

It's a question that I get asked on a regular basis. My typical reply is that it's like Tai Chi only easier to learn and more health focussed than martial. I can go on to describe that it is basically about flapping your arms around and breathing in a harmonious mindful way.

All of these are great aspects of Qigong, but I felt it was time I shared a deeper perspective of what Qigong is as taught by the founder of LifeForce Qigong, Simon Calder, my brother. 

So what follows is the first of several parts of an introduction to Qigong he gives in his introduction workshops. I hope you enjoy it.

Qigong is an ancient Chinese health care system that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention.

The word Qigong is made up of two words. ‘Qi’ refers to the life force or vital-energy that flows through all things in the universe.

The second word, Gong, means accomplishment, or skill that is cultivated through steady practice. Together, Qigong means cultivating energy, it is a system practiced for health maintenance, healing and increasing vitality.

Through the study and practice of Qigong, one can cultivate an awareness of Qi and its individual pathways, and can learn to influence and even control its energetic power. Medical Qigong practitioners use these skills to heal and strengthen the immune system and to improve the function of various organ systems within the body.

To train and smooth Qi flow

To dissolve stagnation

To remove pathogenic forces

To restore body to fullness

To Boost immune system

To maintain health and flexibility in all areas of life


Qigong is a method that focuses on the universal energy Qi. How to connect to it. How to feel it, How to understand it and How to use it. It is the Basis to all systems. All systems; actually everything we do requires energy.

If we are low on energy or our life-force is blocked, we have a low inspiration for life. Our Shen our spirit is unable to move and express itself.

If we have too much energy with no method to control or direct it, we can become scattered or unbalanced.


Qigong is a method that gives us more control and understanding our Life-Force Energy.

It is Birthed in pre-history, from shamanism and early primal understandings of an energetic animated universe. The seasons change, the sun comes up then dives below the horizon. Each of these occurrences affects our energy body. We can get sick or agitated in too much wind or have certain times of the day when we can’t focus or stay awake.

When we have abundant energy we are vital and fertile, as a field of ripe corn in the summer time.

When the energy is gone from the body we compose and return to the earth.

Those people that have a full, stable energy field, that can clearly direct it through conscious intention, can create great things in life.


Why do some people have more sustainable energy than others

Why are some people able to focus their energy and stay focused.


Qigong reflections of the natural world, when the rivers dry up, the land suffers. The rivers are our blood, veins and energy meridians, the land is our flesh and bones.

When there is a blockage or dam in the river, pressure can build up, causing problems, creating areas of flooding and areas with little hydration.

So we are looking to create a smooth, full, abundant, harmonious flow to our Life-Force Energy, devoid of tensions or blockages in all parts of our systems.


The Quality and Frequency of our Life-Force Energy is fundamental for a healthy, happy existence.

Traditionally Qigong would have been used to direct energy mainly towards


Martial Arts

Spiritual Practices.

There are reckoned to be over 3500 different forms of Qigong, ranging from simple to incredibly complex.


When studying Qigong we should ask ourselves

  1. Why do I want to study
  2. What kind of Qigong am i requiring for my life.


In a Balanced Qigong practice we are looking at the 5 Regulations.


  1. Regulating the Body
  2. Regulating the Breath
  3. Regulating the Mind
  4. Regulating the Qi
  5. Regulating the Spirit

The Dao is the supreme creative force of the universe path to the State of Wuji the Grand ultimate, where the Universe is in balance and inclusion of all states, all is equal and in perfect harmony with the rhythms and patterns of life. The circle is the symbol of Wuji, of fullness and non-separation with infinite points along it’s circumference, relating to the infinite possibilities in life with no beginning or end.

Which is how we feel when we are in Harmony with ourselves in symbiosis with life. From the Dao duality is


born the fine balance of Yin / Yang, expressing the polar opposites that hold the very dynamic tensions of life together. As a lens to study the infinite possibilities and the harmony / disharmony which comes from the very karma stories of being alive. The hard and the soft, the full and the empty, the execs and the deficient, all states of being within the lens of Taiji. The line which curves through the centre of the Taiji symbol. By their combination and inter play the yin and the yang give rise to all the forms that inhabit the world of the relative universe. Thus, all antagonistic complementary dualisms of the phenomenal world are but the two faces of the front and back of one ultimate reality.

The principle of Yin and Yang is the basis of the entire universe. it is the principle of everything in creation. It brings about the transformation of life's ever unfolding process, it is the root and the source of life and death. Heaven was created by the accumulation of Yang, Earth was created by the accumulation of Yin. Water and fire are the symbols of yin and yang. Yin and Yang are the source of power and the beginning of everything in creation (alpha / Omega). Yang ascends to Heaven, yin descends to earth. Hence the universe (heaven and Earth) represent motion and rest.




1.All phenomena exist within infinite space.

2.All phenomena are inter related.

3.All phenomena are relative.

4. Everything has energy and Vibration.

5. Everything is in a constant state of change.


Path of The Dao

The Journey of Qigong

It takes wisdom and intelligence to understand and apply the universal laws of yin and yang. The more they are applied, the more you will be guided in life by the Dao.


By observing Nature we develop a deep understanding of the cycles and rhythms of life. By observing our deep and profound connection to these cycles we can come to better understand the nature of the forces playing into our lives.


THE cycles of yin and yang that evolve from the Eternal Dao or creative force of the universe produce five elements, wood, fire, earth, metal and water.


Medicines do not heal or the cure the body. The true cure lies in the removal of the causes of disease by adopting healthful living habits.

Both cell building anabolism and cell destroying catabolism are involved in the process of tissue building metabolism. In health when nerve energy is normal, the toxins are eliminated from the blood as fast as they are generated. Any influence that lowers the nerve energy becomes disease producing.


Pathogens seek their natural habitat.

Just as mosquitoes seek stagnant water to lay their eggs, trauma and toxicity form habitats in stagnant areas of the body.

In the right environment it has been observed that catabolic cells can be converted into anabolic cells


Disease is the process of resistance, of remedial, defensive or adaptive action. As a person’s health changes, bacteria found in the organism also change.

True understanding dispels fear. When we understand health and disease, in its whole form, we can no longer place blame for our ill health on any on single element. Looking within we find the answers to building health force.


Every act of living uses up or drains away a certain amount of nerve force daily. The more nerve force we accumulate within the system the healthier, stronger we will remain. People who are constantly ill possess very low nerve force and they deplete it faster than they can replenish it. To attain the highest level of health, we must conserve our energy and learn how to accumulate, recharge and rebuild our internal batteries to acquire strong nerve force energy.

From the structural body perspective, the 3 main factors that damage nerve strength are…

1. Bad Posture

2. Lack of proper movement

3. Poor Nutrition


A mind brimming with love and inspiration is a tonic to the nerves and entire system.

Mental poise will regulate the body.


The true cure for disease lies in the removal of the causes of disease and adopting healthful living habits.

Living tissues of a healthy body exert actions that are antagonistic to pathogenic invaders.

By understanding natures flow we can understand our own life process.



I hope this has wet your appetite, you can keep your eyes out for part 2 soon.

If you'd like to connect with Simon directly you can find him via his Instagram @lifeforceqigong or Facebook Life-Force Qigong accounts or on his website https://www.lifeforceqigong.com/

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