What is LifeForce Qigong Pt2 Jing, Qi and Shen

What is LifeForce Qigong Pt2 Jing, Qi and Shen

What is LifeForce Qigong Pt2 Jing, Qi and Shen

Life-Force Qigong

In the 2nd part of this series of blogs on what is LifeForce Qigong, it's founder Simon Calder talks more about the specific development of his own system of work and differences between internal and external cultivation. For a more general introduction to what Qigong is, you can read part 1 of this series here: https://bencalder.co.uk/blog/what-is-lifeforce-qigong-pt1/


Life-force Qigong is a system of Qigong and Daoyin practices that has come together from 20 years of Study and Research, gathering together from, Daoism, Yoga, Buddhism and Western Hermetism.


It is a series of unfolding techniques that opens, balances and move us through the 3 Levels of Human existence.


Physical - Dao Yin - Jing - Matter

Energetic - Qigong - Qi - Energy

Causal - Shengong - Shen - Consciousness


Physical - Jing…


On the Physical level we create a strong, open healthy body. Looking primarily at the the Fascia, organs, Bones and joints.

Here we create a Grounded, Centred, Aligned and Rooted body, dissolving any old patterns of Trauma, injury, stagnation and imbalance, which are the root causes of most dis - eases.


Clearing the Fascia and Sinew Channels of blockages, as if our bodies were a house we are reconditioning, we start by clearing the weeds and strengthening the foundations. Making sure the wiring and the pipes are ready to flow with energy and fluids.


The deepest level that Trauma can exist in the Body is in the Organs and Bone Marrow. Blood stagnation and food stagnation creates blockages and pathogenic symptoms al the way through the Body.


Bad posture and alignment can build patterns of stagnation in the tissues of the body. All which cause the Qi to be in a state of unbalance.


So dissolving the blockages and reducing the residual Tensions housed in the body, unlinking the fascial chains created through bad postural habits and re-aligning the whole body ready to bring more energetic flow to every cell is the aim of the first layer.


Energetic - Qi…


When the physical body is re-aligned Qi energy naturally starts to flow at a stronger rate, so here we can influence and guide the flow by activating, purging and energizing the meridian system of the Body. Creating a smooth abundant flow of energy. Absorbing higher levels from nature and re-aligning ourselves between the polarity of Heaven and Earth.


Building and storing energy in the Lower Dantien, the reservoir of life-force that is the foundation of our energetic practice and referred to as our second brain. Clearing and dissolving on an energetic level stagnations and blockages locked within the body. Balancing the emotions that are part of the energetic expression of the Organs of the body which can create sickness when and disease when not in harmony.


Here we use the 5 Element system to understand the energetic patterns in our lives and how they effect of physical bodies and energy levels.


Consciousness - Shen…


The highest stage of our unfolding practice is to centre ourselves in pure consciousness, to be at one with ourselves and our surroundings. To be at the very core of our being, watching from the position of the witness, outside of judgements or compulsions the actions and reactions of our lives.


To open ourselves up to a stronger energetic force and the upper Dantien, the energy field centred in at the Yin core of the Brain. Here we use Shengong practices to absorb higher frequencies of energy to be able to expand our awareness to higher levels of realizations.



Internal Cultivation and External Cultivation


Internal cultivation


Internal cultivation is a set of exercises and practices that primarily focuses inwards, bringing us into the tissues, organs, all the way into the bone marrow. the mind and breath.


Into the energetic qualities of how our internal world works and functions.


External cultivation


Primarily focuses on the cultivating the body, strengthening the tissues, joints and flexibility.


We hope you have enjoyed this 2nd part in our series on What is LifeForce Qigong? 

If you'd like to connect with Simon directly you can find him via his Instagram @lifeforceqigong or Facebook Life-Force Qigong accounts or on his website https://www.lifeforceqigong.com/

Look out for part 3 where we will be talking about emotions, the 5 Elements and how they relate to LifeForce Qigong

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