What is LifeForce Qigong pt3 5 Elements & Emotions

What is LifeForce Qigong pt3 5 Elements & Emotions

What is LifeForce Qigong pt3 5 Elements & Emotions

In part 3 of this series of blogs on What is LifeForce Qigong, system founder Simona Calder talks about our emotions, how they effect our organs and tissues and how Qigong can be a great support in transforming those in to more productive energy.


Emotions and the 5 Element System.


From the perspective of the 5 Element System it is the harmony of the Zang/Fu (Yin/Yang) organ system relationships that are at the foundation of the harmony of our physiological and energetic well being.

As Fascia is made  up of 70% water and it is water that mainly carries the messages of emotions throughout the body, the then fascia becomes the main physiological tissue for emotional expression.

One of the main factors in creating harmony in our lives is held within the emotional body. Each of the paired organs holds a positive and negative emotional response. If these emotions held within the organs are not expressed by suppressing or overly active and excessive then pathologies will follow.

Each of the Organs has a totally unique quality, temperature and energetic response which influences specific tissues in the body along with the sense organs.

One of our goals with LIfe-Force Qigong is to bring harmony into our emotional intelligence.

Emotions can be viewed as ‘energy in motion’ which acts as a strong part of who we are as a human being.

When these energies become built up in areas of the body, they become stagnated in the Fascia and joints creating


1. Pains in the body

2. Psychological difficulties

3. Pathologies in the organs

4. Unbalances in Bio-Energy (Qi)

5. Constant up’s and downs.

6. Body craving substances to help rebalance itself.

7. Mental Deviations.


We don’t choose our feelings, though we can be present with them.

We don’t solve emotional states, though we can allow them their right of creative expression.

We transform them, digesting them, allowing them to flow through us like rivers of life, gardening them on their way.

Emotions are carried in our bodies as energetic charges, and can to be processed physically, though subtle energetic movements in Qigong.

We transcend them by digesting them and including their wisdom into our own personal evolution.This process can only happen when we awareness is present.

In our energetic bodies we possess a level of personal protection that prevents us from feeling too much when we don’t have a sufficient support system or personal power to manage or cope with them. This our denial system, where we build up contractive armouring to the outside world, stopping it from coming in. Our Fascia also creates an armouring stopping us from growing and expressing ourselves to the outside world.

Emotional maturity means integrating a wide spectrum of human emotions and feelings to allow us to function independently. By aligning ourselves with the truth of who we are and the ability to adapt to each moment in complete acceptance is the path of the Dao.

The places these emotional charges are not digested, is to the same place any toxic food would go in our bodies, liver, fascia, joints, nervous system.


Every cell in our bodies remembers everything since when we were first conceived, imprinting us with a cellular memory, a storehouse of life time imprints.

Our bodies doesn’t forget it chooses not to remember.

When we suppress our emotional charges, that place in our bodies becomes numb.

The main vehicles for communication in our bodies lies in the fascia, this principle mode of communication relies on contact and movement.

The mode of movement through our bodies is from our breath, that transports oxygen through out our bodies, transporting Bio-energy our spark of life to every tissue and cell in our bodies, which allows us to feel all our interoceptive feelings, our inner rhythms and movements.

When we stop breathing into an area we stop feeling it, it numbs, becoming an area that holds tension through stagnation. This is why we can go through life with un noticed muscular contractions.


It take a lot of life energy and time keeping ourselves out of balance.

It seems easier to us to endure physical pain on a physical level than having to experience it on an emotional level.

The areas of the body most contracted has effects all the way to the level of the bones, and into the bone marrow, stagnating life giving blood and Energy to these areas. (Jaws, Spine, Hips, Shoulders, neck, joints, soles of the feet, palms of the hands.

Dumped emotional charges haunt the places they are held and effect us like a parasite.


Symptoms are usually messages from within, asking for assistance and requiring attention. Most of the pains come from healthy reactions to un-healthy situations.

Healing is about fulfilling our life purpose. It involves being in harmony with the evolution of our time.

We enter into life situations that are foreign to our nature, unbalancing our spirit, creating rebellion in our bodies. Most of the time our conscious mind is oblivious to the situation, only when the symptoms become too great for our bodies to cope do we look for healing.

The healing process is the physical / mental manifestation of the internal conflict betweens the parts of us that want to evolve and grow and the part of us that is afraid of going through pains of change and growth.

There is no final emotional release in life. When we release emotionally an energetic charge is moving, changing place and transforming into another form.

Emotional processing is an emotional transformation that changes the negative aspects of the charge into a positive one. This happens within the whole system, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

When we are able to move old residual tensions and stagnations, the energy spent holding a pathology in place turns into a healing surge of energy, dissolving stagnation and potentially reversing the affects of of diseases with the negative charge turning into a positive one.

This is where we understand the magic of life that is the Dao. The transformation of one energetic state into another in harmony with our existence and the natural world.


We hope you have enjoyed this short series on the basics of LifeForce Qigong. If you'd like to connect with Simon directly you can find him via his Instagram @lifeforceqigong or Facebook Life-Force Qigong accounts or on his website https://www.lifeforceqigong.com/

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